Via Castiglione 26
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Giovedì-lunedì 11-21
Exhibition 3 Dec 2021 - 6 Dec 2021
opening Saturday 4 Dec H 19:30

Sigaretten ensemble/01

by Manuele Fior, Anna Dietzel , Benedetta Claudia Vialli , Ruppert & Mulot

Sigaretten Ensemble/01 opens a collective investigation, questioning the hidden artwork of two newcomer authors and three widely renowned ones. Artists who changed the outlines of contemporary graphic novel, a vast territory, relating with tradition and outside languages – drawing, animation, poetry – that manifest in this explorative exhibition, bringing to life a varied and unique mix.

Entry: Gratuito

Duration: 2h

Curated by Sigaretten.
In collaboration with Galerie Martel.