film Saturday 4 Dec H 16:00 Place
Cinema Lumière piazzetta Pasolini 2/b
dai 7 anni
intero 5 euro / ridotto 4,50 euro / fino ai 17 anni 3 euro
(Une enfance de Martha Jane Cannary, Francia-Danimarca) directed by Remy Chayé (85’) for children from 7 years.

In this film there is a limitless space: the Western planes, with their monumental skies and the Rock Mountains slowly peeking out of the horizon. This is the space crossed by the caravan, a real village on wheels. It consists of a small community, which carries on with the hope of finding a better future. In this community there is a ten years old girl. She is not a protester nor a rebel: she is a girl, and in pioneer caravans girls cook, wash the dishes, do the laundry, look after their brothers and sisters. Martha Jane does what she has to. But once she tastes freedom there is no way back. The encounters made and the experience gained give her the chance to create a world of her own to inhabit, a hundred years ahead of her time. Martha Jane can wear trousers, cut her hair, live free. This is what we wanted to talk about, this is the adventure we wanted to tell (Remy Chayé). 

Original version with subtitles.
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