Stories of women, love and death

talk Saturday 4 Dec H 12:00 Place
Centro delle donne / Biblioteca Italiana delle Donne via del Piombo 5 - ex convento di Santa Cristina
libero fino a esaurimento posti

with Rikke Villadsen, Anna Dietzel , Benedetta Claudia Vialli

chair Virginia Tonfoni

Three authors who differ in age and personal experience reflect upon the founding events of Mitteleuropean and Scandinavian history through the eyes of their main characters, who contemplate their existence in the face of death, solitude and torment. Rikke Villadsen, author of Tuberculosis 2020, engages with newcomer artists Anna Dietzel and Benedetta C. Vialli.
In collaboration with Sigaretten, Associazione Orlando, Festival La Violenza Illustrata.