Jesse Jacobs

Jesse Jacobs is an illustrator, cartoonist, and game developer. His graphic novels By This Shall You Know Him, Safari Honeymoon, and Crawl Space have been translated into several languages, with the latter winning the Doug Wright Award for Best book. His stories have been selected for several editions of Best American Comics. He designed, in partnership with Akupara Games, a psychedelic platforming game called Spinch.


Ritratto d'autore

chair Matteo Gaspari

with Jesse Jacobs

Daisy has just moved when she makes an unsettling discovery: in her basement, behind the washing machine, lies a parallel rainbow-hued universe inhabited by colourful creatures. What happens when she tells her friends about her new found reality? Can adolescence survive the surreal?

Duration: 30m

in collaborazione con Eris Edizioni, Hollow Press