Manuele Fior

Manuele Fior is an Italian cartoonist. After getting a degree in architecture, he moved to Berlin, where he worked as a cartoonist, illustrator and architect. In 1994 he won the first prize at Bienal do Juvenes Criadores do Mediteraneo,” Lisbon – comics. His collaboration with the German publisher Avant-Verlag began in 2001 with the magazine "Plaque", which brings together a wide range of Italian authors, among them Mattotti, Igort, and Giandelli. Since then he began an intense work on comic short stories written by his brother Daniel, which appeared in "Black", "Bile Noire", "Stripburger", "Forresten", and "Osmosa".
He published the graphic novels Celestia (Oblomov / Atrabile 2020), L’Ora dei Miraggi (Oblomov 2017), Les Variations D’Orsay (Futuropolis 2015), L’Entrevue (Futuropolis 2013), Cinq Mille Kilomètres Par Seconde (Atrabile 2010), Mademoiselle Else (Delcourt 2009), Icarus (Atrabile 2006), Les Gens Le Dimanche (Atrabile 2004).
He collaborates with his illustrations for "The New Yorker", "Le Monde", "Vanity Fair", and several other magazines.

BBB consiglia: Padovaland

with Miguel Vila

chair Manuele Fior

With the eye of the documentarist, Miguel Vila depicts the life of a group of young people in the outskirts of Padova, a town in Northern Italy. A sharp, honest analysis of life in the suburbs that is also a portrait of our worst impulses. 

Duration: 30m

in collaborazione con Canicola