David Marchetti

David Marchetti was born in Pietrasanta in 1992. He moved to Bologna where he specialised in illustration. He has recently started a collaboration with the publishing house Hollow Press, which this autumn will publish his thesis, a book of about 400 pages, entitled Uno.
book Saturday 4 Dec H 17:00
DAS - Dispositivo Arti Sperimentali

Uno e molti

with David Marchetti

chair Manuele Fior

From a generative darkness a cave slowly emerges. From the soil of the cave a flower blooms. And from the flower creatures are born. Individual and collective, bodies that merge and define themselves in an ongoing dance which is music and joy, angst and harmony, affirmation of being. We go out the cave and here starts the journey, the growth, the death, the ascension… David Marchetti’s literary debut is a dense and ethereal book, a philosophical exploration and a visual metaphor of rare harmony.

Entry: libero fino a esaurimento posti

Duration: 1h

In collaboration with Hollow Press.