JUTA (Simone Rastrelli) was born in San Marini in 1991 and lives in Milan, where he work as a graphic designer and illustrator. He has collaborated with "Vice Italia".  Some of his comica are published on the website spezzoni.com. The comic book Bambino paura is his debut, published by Rizzoli Lizard. 
book Saturday 4 Dec H 21:00
DAS - Dispositivo Arti Sperimentali

Bambino Paura

with Juta

chair Francesco Cattani

chair Alberto Sebastiani

A film troupe arrives to a small town in the countryside to shoot a horror movie. The leading role is assigned to Giulio, a local child who immediately becomes a little celebrity. But the dark side of success emerges and rumors start in the town about Giulio actually having malignant powers. With Bambino Paura, Juta paints a loving and equally scary portrait of the countryside, halfway between slice of life and genre fiction. 

Entry: libero fino a esaurimento posti

Duration: 1h

In collaboration with Rizzoli Lizard.