Sara Menetti

Sara Menetti graduated from Scuola Comics in 2007. She currently lives in Bologna and works as a cartoonist and illustrator, especially in the field of children’s literature. In 2020 she published Pregnancy Comic Jounal (Feltrinelli Comics), a graphic diary of her own pregnancy. Since 2013 she is  a member of the collective Mammaiuto, for which she published several books: Fototessere, Tokyo- Un viaggio illustrato, Lisboa- Diario de viagem, and Pupe, a collection of short stories.

Pregnancy Comic Journal

Diario a fumetti di una gravidanza inaspettata

with Sara Menetti

chair Elisabetta Mongardi

Pregnancy is an essentially intimate experience, and at the same time a terrain of continuous public, political, cultural debate. Sara Menetti described hers in a journal of unsettling honesty, which challenges the rhetorical narratives about pregnancy.

Duration: 30m

In collaboration with Feltrinelli Comics, Gender Bender