The Programme

book H 14:30 online

Ted, drôle de coco

with Émilie Gleason

with Aniss El Hamouri

Winner of the Prix Révelation 2019 at the Angoulême Festival, Ted, drôle de coco by Émilie Gleason is a journey in the daily life of Ted, a boy who is autistic. With her hyperdinamic drawing style and her clever use of comedy, Gleason  depicts the limits of a society not ready to understand other perspectives and experiences.

Duration: 30m

supported by Nuovi Mecenati – Fondazione franco-italiana di sostegno alla creazione contemporanea, Canicola
book H 15:30 online


with Luca Negri

chair Alessio Trabacchini

Who is Viktor Gaplinksy? He must have something to do with Aldo Cassino, responsible for a terrorist attack on Wall Street, and with a mysterious contract signed during WWII for some aircraft engines... Multiple identities, deaths, rebirths, and war plots are the ingredients of a graphic novel that plays with history following the tradition of postmodernist writers. 

Duration: 30m

in partnership with Coconino Press – Fandango
book H 16:30 online

Pregnancy Comic Journal

Diario a fumetti di una gravidanza inaspettata

with Sara Menetti

chair Elisabetta Mongardi

Pregnancy is an essentially intimate experience, and at the same time a terrain of continuous public, political, cultural debate. Sara Menetti described hers in a journal of unsettling honesty, which challenges the rhetorical narratives about pregnancy.

Duration: 30m

In collaboration with Feltrinelli Comics, Gender Bender
book H 17:30 online

Tales of an Imaginary Dead Man

with Armin Barducci

chair Matteo Gaspari

From science-fiction to role-playing games, from time travel to medieval wars, Armin Barducci's Tales of an Imaginary Dead Mean crams all kinds of literary genres inside four different books inside a box. A playful, experimental way to - literally - deconstruct and reinvent the graphic novel format. 

Duration: 30m

in partnership with Eris Edizioni