Alice Milani

Alice Milani is an Italian cartoonist. She studied engraving and printing techniques in Turin and Bruxelles, and in 2009 she started collaborating with comics collective La Trama. She published several biographies: Wisława Szymborska, Marie Curie (BeccoGiallo, 2017), and Università e Pecore. Vita di don Lorenzo Milani (Feltrinelli Comics, 2019) . She wrote Tumulto (Eris, 2016), a graphic novel created with Silvia Rocchi, and  published several short stories on magazines such as Linus, Lo Straniero, Delebile and Graphic News. She works for the Italian publishing house BeccoGiallo as editorial director of "Rami", a series dedicated to fictional comics.

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with Alex Bodea

chair Alice Milani, Emanuele Rosso

Mr. Hesus, a middle-aged migrant who has a hard time fitting in his host country, seems to be the only person immune to "Intrux", a weird phenomenon causing objects to look out of focus and eventually disappear. 
He decides, then, to transcribe the world into images before it becomes definitively unintelligible. A dystopian graphic novel touching upon some of the most complex issues of our age:  belonging, isolation and the craving for community, and our accumulated deficit of attention to details.

Duration: 30m

in partnership with BeccoGiallo