Luca Negri

Luca Negri is an Italian cartoonist, illustrator and director. Born in 1993, he has been publishing short stories with the collective Sbucciaginocchi since 2015. His first book, Storie di uomini intraprendenti e di situazioni critiche (Eris, 2018) has been awarded the Premio Boscarato at Treviso Comic Book Festival.


with Luca Negri

chair Alessio Trabacchini

Who is Viktor Gaplinksy? He must have something to do with Aldo Cassino, responsible for a terrorist attack on Wall Street, and with a mysterious contract signed during WWII for some aircraft engines... Multiple identities, deaths, rebirths, and war plots are the ingredients of a graphic novel that plays with history following the tradition of postmodernist writers. 

Duration: 30m

in partnership with Coconino Press – Fandango