Against borders

Bodies and space in contemporary comics

talk Saturday 28 Nov H 12:30 online Duration

with Alex Bodea, Max Baitinger, Émilie Gleason

chair Ilaria Tontardini

The characters invented by Alex Bodea, Max Baitinger and Émilie Gleason share a certain discomfort in their relationship with space. After all, space is both a source of possibility and frustration in comics: it allows movement, but at the same time it creates limitations to it. They discuss the meaning of borders in comics with visual arts scholar Ilaria Tontardini.
supported by Erasmus Mundus in Culture Letterarie Europee, Nuovi Mecenati – Fondazione franco-italiana di sostegno alla creazione contemporanea, Accademia di Belle Arti di Bologna, Goethe-Institut Italia
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