Alessandro Bilotta

Born in Rome, on August 17, 1977, Alessandro Bilotta wrote stories for Martin Mystère in the late 1990s. His debut as a plot-writer was on albums 261/262, while he was the scriptwriter in full for Martin Mystère n. 265, “Le pietre di Carnac”. In 1999, with other Roman comic authors, he opened a publishing house, Montego, and edited the new edition of "Altai & Jonson" by Sclavi and Cavazzano. He also wrote "Povero Pinocchio", "Il dono nero" and "Le strabilianti vicende di Giulio Maraviglia - inventore". On the latter book, Bilotta began his productive collaboration with artist Carmine Di Giandomenico. For his work on Giulio Maraviglia, in 2001 he won two awards at the Fumo di China Prize: "Best New Author of Realistic Comics" and "Best Character". With Di Giandomenico, he wrote "La Dottrina", published by Magic Press. In 2006, the third volume of this series won the "Attilio Micheluzzi Award", for the "Best Script". In the same year, Alessandro wrote several series for the French market, with Les Humanoïdes Associés, Editions Delcourt, and Vents d'Ouest. With Vents d'Ouest he publishes "Romano", a story that is welcomed and acclaimed by the French critics. Bilotta is also a scriptwriter and story editor for the "Winx Club" animated series, and writes for Dylan Dog: his debut on this series was a story published on Gigante n. 16 in 2007. He also created the "Pianeta dei Morti" saga, published yearly on Speciale Dylan Dog since 2015. For Star Comics, he created, wrote and edited the series "Valter Buio", that won the Romics/Repubblica XL Award for "Italian Character of the Year" in 2010. In 2011-2015 he created and wrote for Il Giornalino the series "Corsari di classe Y", with art by Oskar. For our Publishing House, he also wrote Dampyr n. 172, “La papessa di Roma”, and has collaborated for a long time with our Le Storie series. He wrote, among other stories, “Il lato oscuro della luna” and “Nobody”, winner of another Attilio Micheluzzi Award in 2014 and an ANAFI Award, both for “Best Scriptwriter”. For n. 28 of Le Storie, he created the “Mercurio Loi” character that, two years later, in May 2017, made his debut at the newsstands as a regular series.

Accademia di Belle Arti di Bologna

20 years of graphic novel in Italy

International conference

with Alice Milani, Emilio Varrà, Matteo Gaspari, Alessio Trabacchini, Virginia Tonfoni, Otto Gabos, Matteo Stefanelli, Daniele Barbieri, Paolo Bacilieri, Lorenzo Ghetti, Eliana Albertini, Andrea Voglino, Enrico Fornaroli, Igort, Fumettibrutti, Daniele Brolli, Vanna Vinci, Alessandro Bilotta, Sara Colaone, David B., Elettra Stamboulis, Maurizio Lacavalla, Gianluca Costantini, Onofrio Catacchio, Ratigher

20 years of graphic novel in Italy it’s an opportunity of comparison and reflection on the graphic novel impact on our comics scene. There are many branches of this impact: from the economic ones, link to the editorial market transformations, to the “mutation” of the reading public, or even to the different ways in which comics have found their place in the contemporary imagination. ‘Ieri, oggi, domani’ chooses to concentrate on the analysis of certain narrative and aesthetic directions within which the graphic novel has developed, trying to highlight the questions, consciously posed, that these twenty years of graphic novels have generated.
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Curated by Accademia di Belle Arti of Bologna.
In collaboration with Hamelin.
The event is part of BilBOlbul 2021, winner of the Promozione Fumetto 2021, promoted by General Direction Contemporary Creativity - Ministry of Culture.