Frederik Peeters

Frederik Peeters is one of the most influential contemporary cartoonists in Europe, born and currently based in Geneva. He rose to success thanks to his autobiographical comic Blue Pills, which chronicles the daily life of a modern couple struggling with HIV. Blue Pills was nominated as Best Book at the Angoulême Festival and won several awards.
But Peeters' body of work goes beyond self narratives: he explored genres such as science fiction and fantasy, always working on characters' relationship. He is the author of several series such as Pachiderma, Lupus, RG and Aâma, pushing the boundaries of the genre.
His latest comic book published in Italy, Sandcastles, a clever and eery parable reflecting on the impermanence of human existence, has recently been turned into a movie directed by M. Night Shyamalan.

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Meet the author: Frederik Peeters

with Frederik Peeters

chair Laura Pugno

Frederik Peeters tackled many genres, from autobiography to science fiction, from the novel to the serial story, each time opening unexpected doors, new possibilities to read (and draw) the world. Together with the writer and poetess Laura Pugno, he retraces the worlds that he built in more than twenty years of career.

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Duration: 1h30

The meeting is part of the cycle “Fumetto: il senso della vita”, in collaboration with Erasmus Mundus in Culture Letterarie Europee, Accademia di Belle Arti di Bologna, Bao Publishing, Coconino Press – Fandango.
Supported by Pro Helvetia, Fondazione svizzera per la cultura.
Accademia di Belle Arti di Bologna

The future is here

with Manuele Fior, Frederik Peeters

chair Nicolò Porcelluzzi

A mysterious extrasensory experience which makes mankind leap forward, waking up with no memories in a planet that hides a funny substance, a crepuscular enclave surrounded by waters, a daring escape to the edges of the universe as we know it… With different sensibilities and styles, Manuele Fior and Frederik Peeters have both explored a future that looks ever closer, redefining the genre fiction of comics and bringing sci-fi back in the spotlight.

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Duration: 1h30

In collaboration with Bao Publishing, Coconino Press - Fandango, Oblomov Edizioni.
With the support of Pro Helvetia, Fondazione svizzera per la cultura